International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine: Pre-symposium courses

Pre-symposium courses

Location: Square - Brussels Meeting Center (Room: 211-212)
Supported by: Xenios
Chairmen: : Fabio S TACCONE, MD, PhD, Brussels, Belgium and Daniel BRODIE, NY, USA
Date(s):  19/3/2018
Price per participant: 
225 Eur


Dan BRODIE (New York, USA)
Alain COMBES (Paris, France)
Philipp LEPPE (Homburg, Germany)
Roberto LORUSSO (Maastricht, The Netherlands)
Marco RANIERI (Rome, Italy)
Thomas STAUDINGER (Vienna, Austria)
Fabio S Taccone (Brussels, Belgium)


  • 08.00 Participant registration and entry questionnaire
  • 08.30 Physiology of Extracorporeal Support for Respiratory Failure (ECMO and ECCO2R)
    • Daniel BRODIE
  • 09.00 Cannulation techniques for ECMO in respiratory failure (VV, VA and VAV)
    • Roberto LORUSSO
  • 09.30 Using veno-venous ECMO for ARDS (indications, clinical settings, configurations)
    • Alain COMBES
  • 10.15 Understanding the ECMO/patient interdependency
    • Philipp LEPPER
  • 10.45 Coffee break and meet the industries
  • 11.00 Pulmonary Ventilation during VV-ECMO and ECCO2R
    • Marco RANIERI
  • 11.45 Using the ECCO2R in critically ill patients (ARDS and COPD)
    • Fabio Silvio TACCONE
  • 12.30 ECMO in special situations
    • Thomas STAUDINGER
  • 13.00 Lunch
  • 14.00 Complications
    • Roberto LORUSSO

The participant will be divided in 4 group of max. 15 persons each to meet the experts – each group will rotate every 30 min from 14.45 to 17.15 (Coffee break from 15.45 to 16.15)
Station A: How to set the pulmonary ventilator (Lung protective strategy) : Marco RANIERI
Station B: Percutaneous cannulation simulator (from puncture to connection) : Roberto LORUSSO
Station C: Monitoring of a patient on VV-ECMO : Thomas STAUDINGER
Station D: How to prepare for transport an ARDS patient with ECMO : Fabio Silvio TACCONE
  • 17.15 Closing remarks and final questionnaire